Thursday, February 23, 2012

Milwaukee Brewers Military Appreciation Day

After hunting for obscure On-Fields such as the 2010 Tampa Bay b”RAYS”ers I have stumbled upon a cap that I had forgotten to be in existence, and that is the 2011 Milwaukee Brewers Military Appreciation Day On-Field Cap.

Without owning this cap first hand from a distance the only real constant between this cap and the Official On-Field is the Heather Grey crown, but other than that the colours have obviously been altered to satisfy the Military Appreciation Day celebration. Without knowing for sure due to the picture provided I would have to guess that the camouflage pattern used is U.S. Woodland, but it could be another similar pattern because I assume that each cap is unique with the pattern, meaning that no cap appears the same as it comes off of the factory line.

The logo of the cap is just the same as the On-Field Fitted but as expected the colours are vastly different, also to cater to the Military Appreciation Day theme, but the contrast between the camouflage and Heather Grey crown doesn’t translate that efficiently, and the cap is more than likely one of the worst On-Field Fitteds that has been worn by Major League Baseball players.

The rear batterman of the cap also fell into the clutches of the design, contrasting the Hunt Club Green thread along with the Sand, but since the two hues are so close in tone that it can almost disappear on the rear of the cap. I'd have to say that this cap definitely looks better than some of the Stars and Stripes that have been released over the past 4 years, and time will tell if we shall see a 5th year of that catastrophe.

But hey, just because I think this cap looks disgusting doesn't mean that everyone else should, but based upon the sheer amount of sizes in stock on the Brewers' own Clearance section in their online store is testament to that.

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  1. I agree 100%... This is up there with the ugliest hats ever worn in the history of hats worn by MLB players. This is the worst color combo I have seen in a while, the Padres probly feel better now that they are not the only ones who failed miserably at having camo as part of the uni. Good piece...