Monday, November 21, 2011

New Era By You

Several days ago the program "New Era By You" was finally launched by New Era. For years people have been wanting to design their own caps from scratch, and New Era finally launched the ability to do so. New Era By You seems to be a really fun program to play with, and I have even designed a few myself.

Currently New Era By You permits you to use 44 different MLB team selections, many of which are Cooperstown, and 1 section of New Era brand logos are available. One thing that I noticed was that the Florida/Miami Marlins are completely absent for whatever reason.  As of now, New Era permits customization of the 59Fifty Model and the current Snapback model, other models may be available for customization in the future, but that is yet to be confirmed by New Era themselves.

Complete Customization:

New Era By You permits complete customization of the caps in regards to colourization

1. All 6 panels of the cap's crown.
2. Upper and Lower part of the brim.
3. Stitching on the brim and up the cap's panels.
4. Eyelets
5. New Era Flag (unavoidable)
6. Rear logo (should you decide to use one)
7. Top Button

In all, there are 33 different material colour choices available for selection for the colour customization of the base cap, but in regards to the logo customization there are 56 available tread colour choices.

My Custom Cap

Now I'm sure you're all wondering about the price of a 100% custom designed cap made by New Era, and the price should amaze you all. When I finalized my cap and clicked the order form, this is what came up for me:

Shipping ($7.95) is included in the total cost of the cap.

The price honestly amazed me, and this is due to the fact that complete customization should seemingly cost more for these caps, being that traditional On-field fitteds which are mass produced run around $33.99, and this custom runs just under the price of two caps.

I am reluctant to order the cap though, I can make two assumptions about the cap that are currently keeping me from pressing the "Add To Cart" button, and they are:
1. Made In China
2. Awesome Chinese Quality

Ordering a cap online is always a craps shoot when it comes to quality and sizing, and Chinese made New Era caps always leave quite a bit of grey when it comes to quality control, and it would really be irritating to order a one of a kind custom *non-refundable* cap that has an unevenly attached brim or horrid sizing. If anyone does decide to drop the coin on a New Era By You I'd love to see what it looks like in comparison to the generated images from the design page.


  1. Funny, I came up with almost the same exact cap D'Backs panel cap you did, only my snake was red, and all the eyelets were the same color as the panels.

    If they had the exact shade of "Sedona" red, I might take the plunge and buy one of these, but their base cap pallet sucks. Same deal when I tried to make an alternate Orioles cap, their shades of orange were completely wrong.