Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Houston Astros 50th Anniversary On-Field Patch

Now back on September 22nd, 2011 the Houston Astros unveiled their banner for their 50th anniversary season celebrating from 1962-2012, and assumingly will plaster this banner on anything they can just as most teams do for their celebratory year.

Much as the trend has been in recent years, the Houston Astros will utilize their 50th Anniversary banner on the side of their New Era caps for the 2012 Season, and these caps have just broken out on the Astros’ official Team Shop on MLB’s shop website.

Buy Black Home/Away at

Buy Brick Red Alternate at

The caps shown below are as expected to be the “Cool Base” Performance Polyester caps as they have been since New Era made the shift for the 2007 season, and the caps will be complimented by the patches that will most likely be the current velvety material with some minor embroidery, but the level of detail on this patch suggests that the patches might have more embroidery on them than previously anticipated.

The patch itself has an interesting design to it being that it successfully merges the Astros, post Colt .45's, along with 2012 scheme. The number 50 is a direct rip from the Astros' current jersey number scheme, which adds to the flavour of the rainbow like band underneath it. This rainbow band is reminiscent of the uniform colour scheme they notoriously wore in the 1970's, however the only thing this patch doesn't seem to recognize as Astros history were their first two years known as the Houston Colt. 45's.

If you are a Houston Astros fan and are in need of a brand new cap, this might be right up your alley, but I’d shy away from any new merchandise until the team makes a successful transition to the American League should that deal not fall through.


  1. the hat looks pretty good, even if the astros kinda suck. lol. hopefully the changes will help thier performance.

  2. I like that cap on that black guy, where do i buy a snap back of that?

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    2. Old response, but FYI. That "black guy" is J.R. Richard. Have the style of cap he is wearing signed by him. He was not afraid to throw pitches to push batters off their batter box. Still a fighter to this day and definitely a pitcher of the era.

  3. @minecraft129

    I don't think that the Astros will be making an adjustable cap with the patch, but here is one without the patch.