Monday, October 31, 2011

Toronto Blue Jays 1997-2002

With the leaked photos coming out of the Miami Marlins New Era cap, I figured this might be a good time to take a retrospective look at my favourite of the Toronto Blue Jays caps; due to the Blue Jays also reforming their logo and colour scheme back to their roots.

This New Era baseball cap was worn by the Toronto Blue Jays starting in the 1997 season and was retired in 2002, although this logo was short-lived in the Blue Jays history, it was one of the most recognizable and admired logos that the Blue Jays had created. At the time, this was one of the MLB's largest designs on the front of the cap, and was one of the few caps in the era to have this level of detail located on the logo rather than the simplicity of the cyclical design process of the caps.

The cap is a base dark blue made completely out of wool, the cap also includes a grey underbrim and a white sweatband. This logo located on the front of the structured crown depicts the head of a blue jay located in front of the Canadian Maple Leaf, giving it a nice representation that it was a Canadian team and showed patriotism without over-saturation.

The embroidery on this USA Made New Era cap is beautifully done, from the structuring to the detailing of the stitches on the leaf that leave it multidimensional although the structuring is minimal.

Recommended 7/10

The detail in the embroidery can not truly be overlooked due to the amount of detail located on the logo, and doesn’t exactly require a close eye to notice and appreciate the logo in its entirety. This vintage cap has character that unfortunately was short lived, especially being that the logo’s successor was such a disappointment that it lasted for only 1 season. Although this hat is out of print, it would be a great score if one were able to acquire one either unworn or slightly used.

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