Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beloit Snappers

The Beloit Snappers cap is one of my favourite Minor League Baseball caps, it is such a clever little design that I just had to get it when I discovered it. The Beloit Snappers are the Single-A Affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, and are located in Wisconsin.

The Beloit Snappers has a fantastic logo, as with other Minor League Baseball teams the Snappers didn't shy away from using a neat design that covered a large chunk of the front of the structured crown. I love the turtle with the baseball bat, and it is complimented well with the Light Grey Heather/Light Navy base colour that New Era has listed for the cap's base. I'd have to call the cap Light Navy though, although Light Grey Heather does sound pretty sexy.

In regards to the logo, the turtle holding the bat wearing a backwards cap has a ton of great detail that greatly expresses the ability of New Era's complexity in embroidery. Although the embroidery is flat, the hatching of the embroidery is what really makes it special, most notably the level of detail seen on the shell due to the almost-swirl seen, giving a level of depth without making a literal raise which New Era is definitely capable of doing.

Recommended 6/10

The level of detail of the embroidery on the turtle really made it worth it to me. The logo is definitely one that needs to be seen up close to fully appreciate it, unfortunately it is not one that will be seen in stores that would allow people to buy it on the spot. The cap may be seen as boring to many, but it was definitely a cap that caught my attention and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get a Minor League Baseball cap.

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