Saturday, October 22, 2011

My First New Era Cap

What was your first New Era Cap?

My first experience with New Era was a purchase made over the internet back in 1999, this is when the internet was still very new to me and quite a lot of us who are current internet users today. In 1999, this was a year after the Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Devil Rays had come into formation as legitimate MLB clubs, and both of them sported brand new New Era caps that were readily available for purchase. Being about 12 years old at the time, I was browsing around my Arizona Diamondbacks' website and stumbled (lol ya right, I wanted stuff just like any kid) and found myself looking at the cap that the actual players wear, and I wanted it. It really wasn't hard to convince my parents to buy me the cap, especially since New Era was a lot cheaper back then, and after ordering it a few weeks later it was mine.

I love my Arizona Diamondbacks to death, and I definitely showed that cap some respect. It was most definitely worn on a daily basis, and was pretty much worn anywhere it was permitted. The cap was pretty much brought anywhere I could take it, I'd put it into my backpack at school since it couldn't be worn on days except for Field Day or Hat Day, and I just can't stress on how much use this cap got. Over the years, it definitely needed to get replaced due to the fact that it was getting so ragged and was starting to get a little too tight for my growing body. My original Arizona Diamondbacks hat is still in my possession today, and it will be an item that I keep forever.


  1. Good post. My first NE cap was the '89 Orioles cap. That's the first year they went with the all black cap with the "ornithologically correct" bird logo, after wearing the white panel cartoon bird caps since '75.

    I was really excited to get the cap with the new logo, so I went out and got a snap-back, thinking it was the real deal for some reason!

    Then I remember watching a game on TV and realizing the players didn't have a snap adjustment on the back of their caps! What the! What are they, elastic or something?! I want one of those now!

    So I went to a game at Memorial Stadium and asked the lady at the souvenir stand if they had the caps without the snap. She brought out a stack and told me to try them on to find my correct size. OH... they're fitted!!!

    So I found my size (7 back then) and bought my first NE fitted for $20! Green underbrim and all... And no batterman logo!

  2. My first two caps were snapbacks that I got as gifts from my Dad who took a trip to Louisiana for some reason. They were a Blue Jays and Orioles cap with the cartoon bird around 1987. I wore them till they died but I loved them to that death. My first real NE cap was a Cardinals cap that I got at a local card store. I haven't paid much attention to baseball lately but since the O's have "returned" I had to get those caps and am returning to my baseball roots.