Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mobile BayBears New Era

So for months I was holding off on purchasing a Mobile BayBears cap, and I can't even tell you why.  I've always loved this logo, and it definitely helps that they're the Double-A Affiliate of my Arizona Diamondbacks.  So since I was holding off on purchasing the hat, I happened to be browsing a New Era forum that I frequent and someone posted one for sale in my size for $40 plus shipping.  Now that price was a little too steep for my liking, the guy did say that is what he originally paid though but I wasn't going to give up that much cash.

So after being disappointed with his sale price, I decided to head on over to the Mobile BayBears' actual online store, and guess what they had for sale for $23 + shipping?  I took full advantage of this by buying the cap and when it arrived I absolutely loved it.  This was my first Minor League purchase ever, which is insane with me being a Triple-A Las Vegas 51s season ticket holder for 5 seasons running.

This cap is definitely one of my favourite caps that I currently own. I definitely love the colour and the embroidery, but the only downfall is that it is Chinese made, almost unavoidable with MiLB caps nowadays. The embroidery is done perfectly, a nice balance of flat and raised embroidery really complement the thread colour choices and makes this a cap that is really hard to beat; especially in Minor League Baseball.

Highly recommended 8/10

The embroidery definitely makes this cap worth it. The different levels really bring the bear's face to life, and the colour choices are really need especially for an on-field fitted.


  1. dude, that is a nice looking bear. sweet cap mate

  2. what's wrong with chinese made? it looks really nice

  3. @Michael
    Chinese made caps have a lot lower quality than American made caps, the colours are also a little faded and the material is more stiff. American made New Era caps have a better quality overall, from the stitching to the material used.